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Questions and Answers (FAQ) on booking and  a fishing tour in Cyprus.


From which cities is it possible to book a fishing tour in Cyprus, where do we take?

The tour can be booked practically from anywhere in Cyprus, except for the cities of Polis and Pomos, which are located outside Paphos.But Also possible with personal discussion. 

If you are staying in Agia Napa, the trip will be to the following lakes, depending on the season, the guide chooses and advises where is better now: Dipotamos, Lefkara, Kalavasos, Klirou.

If you will stay in Larnaca aslo same areas and more.

If you stay in Pafos, dams will be Asprokremos,Kanavoiu,Evretou.

If you stay in Limassol, dams will be ,Kuris,Germasoiya,Kalavasos,Lefkara.

For Nicosia area — Klkirou, Tamassos,  Palichori, Lefkara, Dhipotamos and Kalavasos.

How long is the bass fishing tour for and how can I book it in advance?

The fishing tour can be individual or group. The number of people is limited — up to 4 people per tour. To book a tour, simply contact the guide directly by e-mail or call and arrange dates and times.

My contacts: Mob: +35799850818 E-mail: Maver205@mail.ru

Be sure to indicate the number of people, age and gender, as well as fishing experience.

What does the complete fishing tour include?

Bass Fishing Tour in Cyprus includes:

— 5 hours of pure fishing on the lake, transfer from the place where you are staying there and back. — provision of gear for fishing and lures. — a detailed story about Cypriot fishing in general, how to behave on the lakes, precautions, as well as training in the technique and tactics of catching bass in Cyprus, finding promising places and so on. Also, of course, a beautiful photo with bass as a keepsake, free and pleasant atmosphere.

How to dress and what to take with you, what to be prepared for?

Those who have already caught bass in Cyprus at least once know how sometimes it is not easy. You have to walk the mountains under the scorching sun, overcome various obstacles on your way: boulders, rocks, talus, sand and … thorny plants. Therefore, everyone who goes on a bass tour in Cyprus should first of all understand what awaits him. And, accordingly, prepare for bass fishing.


— comfortable footwear (preferably boots for hiking or hunting) to walk on the mountain slopes and not slip on small stones near the coast.

— hat, T-shirt or long-sleeved shirt, tight but comfortable trousers (fishing, hunting or active hiking) or jeans, sun cream.

— be sure to have drinking water with you !!

Perhaps these are the main elements without which fishing can turn into sheer torment.

Almost all Cyprus lakes have rather steep slopes, rocks and cliffs with thorns. Of course, the specific conditions on the shore of the reservoir depend on the location and water level. There are also pleasant exceptions, and then the path along the coast can become easy and accessible. And sometimes vice versa, in order to get to the point where the big bass lives, you have to sweat well, overcome a steep slope or make your way (and sometimes literally «wade») through thickets of hard bushes and thorny plants.

Dams in Cyprus with bass and where can you fish?

There are more than 25 dams in Cyprus where you can fish for bass. But most of them are mountainous shallow lakes, where it is difficult to reach and the local relief does not allow for comfortable fishing. This, of course, complicates bass fishing and is often not worth it.

There are well-known, popular places with good bass. And every fisherman has a great chance of catching him, if, of course, he knows where to fish and how to fish at a given time.

The most famous dams in Cyprus, where the bass is well established, are Kurios, Germasogeia, Asprokremos, Kalavasos, Dhipotamos, Lefkara, Klirou, Kannaviou, Evretou, Tamassos. The tour can be booked practically from anywhere in Cyprus, except for the cities of Polis and Pomos, which are located outside Paphos

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